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Carter Rhea

Graduate Student in Observational Astrophysics

  • BORN : September 7, 1993


General Purpose Line Fitting Pipeline

LUCI is a general purpose line fitting pipeline built specifically for the SITELLE IFU at the Canada-France-Hawai'i Telescope that natively integrates machine learning techniques developed for SITELLE.

This software is heavily documented with a suite of examples, detailed explanations of the inner-workings, and API documentation. The primary site can be found at https://crhea93.github.io/LUCI/index.html.


Cognitive Affective Mapping Software

The CAM software is a dynamic web app written in Django and JQuery that allows users to map out complex relations and allows researchers to analyse their "mind-maps" qualitatively and quantitatively.

This software was initially developed for the Basilie School at the University of Waterloo. I was additionally contracted by the University of Freiburg for subsequent updates. This tool has been used recently in several publications. It can be found at https://valence.cascadeinstitute.org/.


X-ray Galaxy Cluster Archive

The LEMUR X-ray Galaxy Cluster Archive was born out of a desire to have a catalog of X-ray clusters that anyone can access. The project has been a fantastic opportunity to perfect my X-ray data analysis skills and work on the presentation of scientific findings.

The hope for the catalog is that future astronomers will use the catalog as a jumping off point for larger statistical analysis of clusters.


Sharing Economy Platform

Cadena is as website where users can create and account and sell books for free! Unfortunately, most sites require sellers to pay 20% of the sales proceeds to the company... With Cadena, we have done away with that practice and simply encourage users to donate if they were pleased the transaction!

This was my first project using Django... really the first web-app I wrote. Along with co-developper, Christian Thibeault, I mastered Django and managed to create a complex and rich web app ecosystem.


Suite of Astronomy Data Analysis Tools

The following set of files/projects was born from my desire to share the code I wrote with any interested party! I strongly believe that science must be open source and I hope these pages will help.

This repository contains a varied mix of files for astronomical data analysis. You can find all pertinent information at the following address: https://github.com/crhea93/AstronomyToolsSite